Repressing Your Emotions Makes You Sick

Hulk smiling after he made peace with his anger

Some people may have some difficulty with outward displays of emotion and may rein in their emotions to avoid a genuine and no-filter display of themselves to be revealed to the world.

Sometimes you just fear the impact that your true emotivity might have on others; will they run away, will they see our tears? Will we be lonely if we relieve our anger? The fear of loneliness and the terror of not being loved usually prevail.

But whether it is anger, glee, resentment or sadness, you will always end up imprisoned by what you can’t utter. Until you are no longer yourself and you are nothing but a slave to your fear.

We delude ourselves by thinking that, if we don’t express our real state of mind, those emotional storms will eventually pass but the reality is that they will only transform into silent hurricanes and wash us empty. An emotional state that will pervade each cell of your body making us sick.

Diverse studies reveal a link between repressing your emotions and a decrease in your ability to resolve issues and also a decrease in the memory of significant emotional experiences. Moreover, this can lead to pessimism and depression, and to a certain asociality.
Stanford studies revealed that remaining impassive while watching repulsive images will trigger strong reactions of stress. Along the same lines another study identified a risk of death 5 times higher among subjects who tend to be negative and repress their humour.

The worst aspect of this self-repressive attitude is not so much the fact that we would fall sick as the fact that we do not live. If you don’t show the world what you are made of, really, then the world will never see you for yourself. Our joy, our pain, our discomfort and our love for some things and some people, the way we communicate our emotions, all of these make us who we are, unique.

Getting rid of what moves us prevents us from making room for what’s new, i.e. change, which is the very essence of life.
So let’s not try to repress our anger but let’s make peace with it or at least accept it. Let’s not repress our tears, let it flow and give us new energy. let’s not repress qny emotion because this is our soul speaking. Let’s express ourselves anytime and enjoy every moment whether it is sweet or bitter.

Rise and roar lionnesses.

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